I like putting a c-shape on my necks, because that's what I like to play.  I've notice a lot of builders just do a round over on the corners of their 1" x  2".  To me, they're like baseball bats.   I like playing them sometimes, but it's not what I prefer. 

I know I can't build fast enough to have an inventory for Christmas sales, if I take the time to rasp out a c-shape.   For those of you selling, how are you shaping your necks?  How long does it take you to build a ready-for-sale CBG?

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it works in concert with the side pencil lines. With all three lines, you can instantly tell whether you are taking too much off the top side or the bottom side of the neck. it works really well.

With a draw knife a neck can be shaped in just a few minutes.  If the grain is straight and cooperates (probably 3 out of 4 necks with oak) a draw knife can leave a nice finish and let you skip most of the sanding too.  If it is too curvy of a grain a farriers rasp gets you there quickly too.

I have several grades of guitars.... 

I sell slide KITS at local faires... 3/8" round over bit...

For higher end stuff I will start with the round over and then break out the spoke shave, sandpaper, scraper, and elbow grease...

Profiling a neck needn't take long - with the right tools and some practice it only takes a few minutes. I use a spokeshave for the bulk of the work. The key to this is making sure that the blade is sharp and the tool is properly set-up.


I really enjoy your videos, I think I've seen every one of them.

What rasps do you use? They look like they cut mahogany like its butter...

And the strap down/ end neck support is brilliant!

The round rasp is a "MicroPlane", and I've now moved onto using a half round one that fits into a standard hacksaw frame - they are great!

Starting off with good wood selection with nice straight grain and as close to quarter sawn as you can get. This is my method using a y handled vegetable peeler. though I usually taper the neck width and thickness on the bandsaw first and follow up with small block planes spoke shaves rasps and sanding to even things out. 


$2 from Kmart no name is my current favourite as it is just a bit stiffer than the $6 Kiwi brand one in the video so it does not dig in as often. 

Titch, that was amazing! How many necks can you do with one peeler?

I have made a few dozen so far and sharpened the kiwi one once using a little diamond paddle thing. It takes a small amount of practice and a little bit of care on wonky grain but is the bees knees for what I use it for. Kitchenware area of the store is great for nice little paring knives and the like. Victorinox the army knife people make a great little hooked vegetable shaping knife just perfect for whittling and micoplane graters are good too.

I run my necks at a 45deg angle by hand for most of it on the band saw, after removing the bulk of it that way, doesn't take as much shaping, still spend a few hours finishing it though.

If I am using a glued on 1/4 inch fret board, I use a router on the neck to round them more - followed by orbital sander and a bit of hand sanding.

If the build is just a one by two, I do not want to weaken it by removing a lot of wood.  On those I  just round the edges with a rasp followed by orbital sander and a bit of hand sanding.


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