First time making 1 and 2 string canjo's, have no idea if they're good, bad, or just what they are, I've never played them before, heard a few on here and youtube, kinda winged it on both, each are a little different other than the string count, both are 25-1/2in scale, diatonic, wood burned in fretless marks, every string tune to a G/g, makes noise, thought they'd be a little louder, going to make a few slides next for these and my other builds, then attempt to play them, may hang on wall, or sell if worth more than the pennies mounted on them, at least I know one is worth at least .02 cents and the other .01 cents LOL.

Let me know what you guys think, I'll try and figure out how to post a vid or 2 once I figure out how.

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Got varnish drying on my other git.....idle hands

I like what I see, can't wait to hear them.

Just made a couple slides, the sound got me grinning for sure, these things make you feel like a kid again lol

Think I'll start making a lot more

I'd love to see some video of these played, the construction is a lil different than what I'd seen, with the can missing the lid and right-side up..

I'm wondering what you meant by them not being as loud as you thought - may just come down to where the part of the string that is actively vibrating ends in relation to the metal...

Gotta get those vibrations from the string to the resonator efficiently as possible.

Like my builds, I use a soda can and just put a little hole in the top to put a ball-end guitar string through, or think of a washtub bass, its just a string poking through the metal with a stick to keep tension.. 

That would be fine if I could play...I can follow the tabs though, played a little amazing grace on the 1 string, still working on the video thing, posted my first you tube on the little 9v amp I made for the 4 string.

1 has the hole at the end of the can as the bridge, the other has an eyelet in the middle of the can, I've stuck my ear at both ends when strumming, it's definitely louder in my opinion with the opening facing the neck, it just echos out more centered where as the flat of the can has nothing to keep it contained so the sound goes everywhere and dies off quicker. the inside of the can provides more surface area to resonate the sound back up where your head is compared to the same surface area facing away, same amount of sound, you just hear it better.

ah.. That's cool.. Where on youtube? mine are on my channel ( hstubbs3 ) ... I didn't know how to play anything except sorta the first part of smoke on the water ( maybe) when I built my first canjo and I made a video anyway just taking a whack at it.

smoke on the water huh?? funny you should sat that...--->video

LoL.. srsly. As for the amp - about what I'd expect from that, is a nice clean looking build though... 

The speaker is about the size of the bluetooth / USB rechargeable I'm using for my rig now.. I had to build a preamp though, the piezo disk pickup doesn't do line level exactly..

My first attempt canjo video -

A week or so later, fixed stuff, learned smoke on the water -


I thought you said you "learned" smoke on the water  LOL

Just teasing, way to get started, I'll try and actually video a complete song on my single string canjo. Wish me luck

Think I going to find some vintage beer cans, might be cool using older materials especially no longer made beer cans.

I tried a Pabstjo, jumbo size can.  The can works good, louder than I would have thought, but it would not take much abuse as the aluminum is so thin.  Hardest part was getting thru 24oz of Pabst before it got to warm.


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