heres a video on how to make a flat pick up!

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John, thought I'd post again in response to this video and the flack you've received.  But note as well the support you've received in having the guts (or lack of self-preservation) to post it.  It's not all one-sided.  ; )

When I emailed Gitty (about 3 weeks ago now) about the possibility of posting a similar-themed video on this board, his response was basically "Do whatever you like.  I'll step in when the inevitable flaming starts."   He didn't step in, but it does to point out what was expected. 

I have no idea why this particular area is considered so secretive... especially since it's by no means "new tech".  This thread even devolved into one person insulting my playing-- something I've never seen before in the years I've been on CBN.  Amazing how rude and hateful some people become when they're hiding behind a keyboard.  However, someone being opposed to this video isn't necessarily ill-mannered.  Some have stated their opinions politely and with respect.  At least there's that.

As you mention, this video is by no means complete.  This is a "foundation concept" video which leaves as much out as it includes.  When people start making these they're going to go through the same pitfalls I did and find out why these cost $50 a pop.  How many wire wraps?  Is there a "best way" to wind the wire?  Should it be would tight or loose?  How wide?  What kind of metal is best to use as a base?  How do I keep the wire from breaking?  What is the best gauge of wire to use?  What kind of magnets work best?   etc etc

None of that was mentioned in the video.  So people will, if they are patient and tenacious, be able to make a flat pickup.  Will they be able to make a good flat pickup?   What about a great flat pickup?  Took me almost 200 attempts to come out with FlatCat™ Gen3.   There's a lot more to this process than this video portrays. 

I don't think either Elmar or Dan are going to be losing much business from their regular customers because of this video.   I'm not worried; I know just what a pain it is to build one of these.  I definitely know the pain of doing it right.  I still think you did the community a favor in posting it.  You've brought this concept out of a dark corner into the open area of "How to"... just like all other things CBG.  Maybe in the future the concept of considering something "taboo" will be less likely to happen. 

This doesn't mean a builder can't retain his/her trade secrets.  It also doesn't mean he won't share them if someone asks politely (in private or in public, depending).   It just means that people should be able to post whatever "how to build" information they want to post without others trying to police them. 

Two years ago when I first asked people how flat pickups were built, the answer I got was basically, "That's something we don't openly discuss here."  So I figured it out myself.  It took hundreds of hours and expense that shouldn't have been necessary.  How-to is what this forum is all about.

Okay, heading back to the workshop.  Working on some new designs and having lots of fun doing it.  :D


Kin I have yer stuf?;-)


Cool story.  Many years ago a CBN/Clubhouse member really wanted to know how I made my pickups - EVERY DETAIL.  He (and his bandmate) travelled almost 2 hours to my shop and still pestered me, after a cool jam.  I relented and made one from scratch for him.

Shortly after, he was online boasting that he knew the secret to my pickups and had some for sale cheaper than me, and even posted a pic of one on a copy of a copper pipe git he saw me building in my shop.  

Little did he know, I suspected as much and I told him all the wrong specs - wire size, number of winds, what I wrapped around the magnets, potting and even tension on my winds.  

He's not around anymore

Bwahahahaha.  That's terrific Ted.  I can't believe the guy pulled that nonsense.

Never really intended to get into the pickup market, or the music business at all.  Just happened.  I got curious about flat pickups and couldn't find the info. (I've never seen Elmar's video on making them; he told me he hadn't had time to make one.)  

I can guarantee if someone had shown me how to make these I'd have never sold a one that wasn't attached to a git I made. Once I saw how difficult they are to make I'd have likely just bought from them, because it was a pain setting up to make them. But I was curious as to how they worked, and with me curiosity becomes compulsion.  Gotta figure it out.  So started experimenting.  Once I'd set up and invested in equipment and supplies made several dozens and figured it out  I was "all in" so to speak. 

When I marketed them I was determined to not undercut Elmar or Dan's prices and to market in a new area they weren't using.  Imo competition should be used to spur innovation, not put the other guy under the carpet.  I don't understand folks like you describe above, who seem intent on harming others.  Reminds me of an old scripture, "They are not happy unless they have done bad, and cannot sleep until they have done harm."

Thanks Ted.  That is just awesome . LOL love the tin can top base.  It doesn't give much in the way of details, but he definitely put it out there. Sound is terrific too.  A piece of history there.


«Amazing how rude and hateful some people become when they're hiding behind a keyboard»: I'm posting under my name, you can check where I'm living in a second, but whether you are living in Platte City, MO, United States, or Ontario, Canada, I don't even know that...
I was talking about an earlier post you cancelled: it's not properly a sign of character nor intelligence to whine about an answer to a boasting post you cancelled.

«Troll away. But do so by yourself, 'cos I'm done replying to you»: there's a simple solution to save your day: shut up, Knight of the Coconut!


Moritz, will you give it a rest.  Geez dude, stop being such a jerk.

come on guy's.

Anyone notice the vid was published Aug. 2015

I find these pissing matches so negative and pathetic, like seriously, people! None of this is rocket science, none of it is revolutionary, and none of it is worth even worrying about. I hate to break it to you, but it's kind of like looking back in time and watching cavemen arguing over someones right to a flint napping technique. You don't see arguments on spilled secrets to creating a great resonator cone, or different neck attachment techniques,, it's always about the freakin' pickups!!!!  How can people be so supportive of the rest of the building process but when it comes to pickups it's such a freakin' soap opera!

Rant done!

Happy New Year, everybody :D



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