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The story behind the Cigar Box guitar and the making of the film Jesus of Malibu. Jesus of Malibu is written, produced, directed, and performed by William and Anais Yeager. The couple completed their film with no money, and no film crew. They wrote and recorded all the musical score themselves, performing every instrument. All the props, set designs, wardrobe, were made by William and Anais and most of the props were made from junk and discarded items found alongside the road, including the Cigar Box Guitar that William built. Yeager had no plans drawn out or had any idea how to build a Cigar Box Guitar only that he wanted one for the films character.

" I didn't know what I was doing, I was just winging it" says Yeager. " It works, plays great and I amplified it with an Old 8 Track player that I found.
I actually never heard of Cigar Box guitars until a year ago. One day I found this cigar box and decided that this would be what Jesus of Malibu would play. I made a back pack as you can see from a broken Tv Tray table, put together with rope, and the guitar was dropped many times and also crashed down the mountain where it took me 1 hour to retrieve it from a crash scene where the guitar broke into pieces." ( You can see the clip in the video trailer in the links)

Yeager performs on the guitar a bit different then most of the traditional blues songs you hear played on it. What Yeager did was to use it for a very pretty song that he later added pianos and string symphony that accompanies the guitar in the background that runs throughout the film.
"I miked the little amp and put one in front of the box guitar itself. I found the box in a building with broken instruments along Route 66."
Yeager has been playing guitar since 6 years old, he is self taught, and has written and recorded over 1200 songs.
He was once discovered by Bruce Hornsby in 1992, and there was even a film made about Yeager's life that has won awards. Yeager dyed his skin permanently black 10 years ago and convinced the press around the world that he was the illegitimate son of Jimi Hendrix. ( True story)
You can read about it here
And you can buy this great film here



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