Hi Gang, I've just ordered a 4 string tele adjustable bridge to install on a CBG I'm building. The problem I am trying to figure out is the strings a fed through the back of the guitar up through the bridge. I don't want the strings to pull through the bottom of the box so should the neck be supported right to the back of the guitar at the bridge and I am assuming I will have to purchase rivets for furrels that will help support the strings through the back. Am I right? Thanks for all your help.

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Yes , I think a block between the bottom of the neck and the back of the box would be your solution .Strings passing through the block . I am assuming this a bottom view of the bridge you are using. I am also assuming it is a through neck . These bridges I believe were designed for solid hard body.

Yep! And that is what I was saying about thin body cigar boxes. Bottom loading...

Thank you. A picture says a thousand words eh? :)

You can also drill new string holes so you can string it from the front. 

Hi, if it's an electric guitar then then it's not so important that the bridge sits in the sweet spot of the top. I would put a block of wood up against the tail end of the box between top and back, and screw through the top into the block. The neck would be moved to a position at the other end to get correct scale length.

You can buy ferrels to seat the string "balls" into on the back.


I thank you all...What I get from here and what I think is right, Is at the point of stings going thru they should go through the bottom and the while neck thru to the bridge right?

:) that's sounds simple....Thank you

Yes....Kinda sorta. I'm installing a Snake Bite Mini Humbucker towards the neck position. I will have a 1/4 " fretboard ,

Thank you

You could always drill through the bridge's back. Get a very small drill bit. Meant for cutting through steal. Just has to be wide enough to accommodate the string. Some cutting or motor oil. Take the bridge apart. Clamp it so the end is facing up. Drill to the bottom of each saddle screw hole on the back by first. Putting oil on the steal. Drilling slowly and make sure to stop and re oil. The oil will keep the drill bit from heating up. You want to go slowly and keep the bit cool so you don't break the bit. After drilling clean up the oil and re assemble the bridge. 

The oil will go all over the place so make sure to wear work clothing. And cover anything around the drilling area to keep it clean as well. The floor is going to get splatters as well. Good idea to remember to clean that up too. 

To get an idea of where to drill the string holes just look at actions on Ebay for 'strat stoptail' bridges. Find one with pictures of the back of the bridge. 


I must live dangerously, I don't take it apart, clamp it, or use oil.  :D

Though using a cheap zinc allow tailpiece is probably why it's so easy. A steel tailpiece would definitely take more care.

Sorry Korrigan. I didn't read through the posts before I posted. Just jumped right in the mix. 

and by the way, GREAT idea Korrigan! This saves the hassle of lining all those string holes up. 


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