My brother just happened to acquire a left handed guitar by happen-chance, I picked it up, having been familiar with a few barre chords(but never could play) started to form...dare I say, a half way decent sound, and it felt comfortable. Gm then Cm, then Dm, just came easy......

I've been trying to learn-off and on for decades...literally, to play right handed, only to get frustrated and quit, over and over. I even mentioned this here in introductions a while back and was told to embrace the "lefty" well, I'm going to take the advice. Always felt if I couldn't do it like everyone else, I shouldn't do it at all, I know, stupid.

Wish me luck

signed...pigheaded for way too long

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Lots of lefty's out there that had to learn to play right handed because of the unavailability and high cost of left handed gits. Some just flipped them over. My oldest brother was a lefty, but he played right handed bass and guitar. Today you can find lefty guitars easily and they're more affordable.

Glad your back at it and CBG's can be easily made for either right or left.

I'm ambidextrous, but wasn't really aware of it til I broke a finger on my right hand about 20 years ago. I had to do everything left handed and to my surprise I could do everything I tried very well. Back when I was in kindergarten, they stuck a pencil/crayon in your right hand to see if you could write. If you did well you were right handed, if not you were a lefty. Most ambidextrous people don't find out til later. I could write lefty given enough practice and I can play slide and bar chords with either hand now, but if I had known earlier I might have been able to do everything with great dexterity using either hand.

There's probably a lot more ambidextrous people out there that aren't aware of it.

I'm ambidextrous at most things, but trying to play guitar never felt right, there are even some things I've done right handed so long, doesn't feel normal in my other. But when I held the left handed guitar, my hands kinda fell into place...comfortably.

Going to leave my Arturo Fuente build right handed, wall hangar or sell it. I'll build a new one when the weather breaks and I have time, frozen pipes burst here, had to shut off water and cap a few lines, next few days I'll be busy re plumbing the house, that's the problem with a house built in 1900, plenty of work needed.

I have a Classical git I tore down for resto, since it's mine, I'm going to turn it into a lefty as well.

I also have a reso I started, it too will be a lefty now.

Sorry to hear of your plumbing issues. I think a lot of people are going to be having issues this year.

You could play that git lefty lap slide. String it upside down and get your Jimi Hendrix on. Or sell it.

Nice yakking with you yesterday, Richard. Hope the weather turned enough to get the house squared least sufficiently for you to get back out in the shop. Have fun!

Good talking back at ya, weather is fine for now and next 2-1/2 days, been busy all day, will be even busier tomorrow, Sunday back down to single digit weather. Might be a while yet before I get to gittin lol


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