Hi. Does anyone know who to DIY electrify a harmonica for use in a holder? Would a clip-on, stick-on, or rod piezo work?

Also, are there any good CBG specific harmonica courses? Thanks. — looking for recommendations.

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 I would use a mic .

I had run across this a little while back, quick search and found it again, DIY clip on mic for harmonica in a rack


 I have tried various mic attachments to my rack. I found them all to be a pain in live situations,swapping harmonicas .extra cables to get tangled in. What have done in the past is use a mic on a stand with a foam wind break on it rest your harmonica right on the mic . You want a fairly thick foam one or just double up thin ones. Just my 2 cents.

Regarding my electric harmonica post, I started constructing a rig to get that vintage/AM radio sound, without breaking the bank on a new mic. Hacks take skills and parts, and all I had was a dynamic mic from my old karaoke days. I wanted this for singing, talking, and harmonica.

What I did:
1. Ever talk into your hand, or a cup? Sounds similar to that sound, right? I took Solo cup, and tried to cut the bottom off. That didn't work well. Again, skills. I had a Stanley water bottle with screw-off lid and cap. I tried the mic. It worked, but the mic switch is inside. Gonna try the cup idea again later. It might sound better. You can even use a funnel, but it needs to be somewhat deep, so you can get that hollow muffle,and the bottom has to be wide enough to string a cable through it.
2. For harmonica, I've heard of folks cutting the bottoms off can koozies, and stuffing harps in them, and clipping it to S mic stand. Find a thick, foam, retro koozie, and cut out the bottom. I had a plastic NASCAR koozie with the foam around it. No cutting needed. I stuffed the koozie down the water bottle top, and inserted the harp. They say that necessity is the mother of invention. It's still a prototype, but I think it'll work. Just need a stand.

 you might be interested in this ,here is a link on how to build an inexpensive harmonica mic.http://www.planetharmonica.com/ph2/VE/TMI-micUK.htm

Kids toys hardly cost any and give great effects for recording!

This is one of those Bottle Mics Got the Pic from rick it seems to work real fine !

image.jpegHey ,I've been.making hands free harp holders so I can play harp one handed since I lost my left hand years ago . I have one you mite find useful. I make them from aluminum stock and they screw onto a Shure 58. The slot has wiper blade that hold the harp and act as a seal.Here are some photos .image.jpeg

Just sent a post with some photos ,but the ones displayed aren't the ones I sent ? How to fix ? Ron

I'd do it the same way musician's have done it for decades. Small lightweight bracket around your neck that holds harmonica and has a clip on mic. A mic like that will work so much better than a piezo. You could use the C.B.Gitty Tin Can Mic if you want that old time echo effect.


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