How much more difficult is a dog bowl resonator to build compared to a regular cbg? Thanks, Bill

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I made a Reso out of a metal colander inside a metal mixing bowl and mounted into a cheap snare drum bucket. It sounded horrible. It did have acoustic strings on it instead of steel/nickle strings  and that could've made a difference.

I hit gold when I routed a cavity into a cheap plywood Strat body and mounted a metal frying pan in it. The frying pan had a good ring to it which gave me the idea. Not all pans, bowls and paint can lids will offer good tone due to the variables within the metal used.

Well, that is great advice from Shane. Pretty much my experience too. I love the LOOK of a reso, and have only used one of the 'Lightning" cones from Gitty and that on a very thick box. The dog bowl reso I did was less than stellar sounding but then again that trashiness can be considered an asset depending on one's tastes I guess.

Well, this is good to know. I just ordered a resonator CBG from a builder. Makes me glad that I ordered it with an aluminum "Lightning" Charles Atchison resonator cone and cover, and not a dog bowl or paint lid.

So, interesting to hear about the neck issue on these things. I never thought about not being able to run the neck through the box. Shane, I'd love to see a pick of your build here "opened up". I' curious how these things are built. Shame you don't like the sound. It's a pretty build you did.

This is a cat bowl reso.You can see through sound hole the top of the through neck cut out to pass under the bowl,the underside is also cut away to clear the back

Hi, I agree with the loss of decent sound from some dog bowls. I have noticed that when I bought a cheep thin metal dog bowl that it performed a lot better, thinner metal?. On another dog bowl CBG I removed the bowl and put a timber soundboard in the hole, sounded a heap better and it sold easily.

I also found that my most recent resonator CBG the "BIG Dog" bowl CBG works fine. It uses the biggest dog bowl I could find, which of course means building a bigger box, that also helps. To get better bass acoustically I play with a thumb pick and fingerpicks give clearer trebles. Enjoyable to play.

When plugged in the piezo gives it the bright tones and when the neck pickup is faded in you can hear the bass get more pronounced and warmer sounding, I love playing this reso.

Cheers Taff

I like those too.

Paul Craig

HI I would love a slide guitar like this . I like the idea of the 6 sting one to very much. I think I understand  you are saying the Dog Bowl works well and the responses are saying because it is thinner??

The idea of a strat body with the bowl cavity in it sounds good.  Do you like the idea of putting a big bowl in for a example a acoustic body guitar? What type of sound would this configuration have?  I would think deeper bass or perhaps the body would not interact as much but the bigger deeper bowl will interact and the acoustic depth of the guitar is only to the measurement of a deeper thin dog bowl. Do you make these disigne and sell them?

Great post and photos

Rick Washbrook

Hi Rick, I was saying that not all metal bowls will sound good. Some will have a dull tone to them. I think you should rap your knuckle on a bunch of them to find one that has a good ring to it.

My Strat-O-Res guitar build centered around a metal skillet(8" Silverstone skillet/frying pan) that I got free when I ordered something by mail. I dropped it on the floor by accident and noticed it had a nice ringing tone to it and it was thin enough(1.5") to fit in the Strat body I had which was 1.75" thick and the diameter just happened to be right. Sometimes the right combination of parts come together to make something great. The most time consuming part was routing the body and making the pickguard for it.

It has 2 single coil P90 like pickups and a piezo wired to a standard 5-way Strat type switch, 500k volume and tone pots with .022 cap. There's a slight popping sound when switching to the piezo because of the impedance mismatch, but the "Reso" tone comes through on all switch choices. P90's, Gold Foils or Lipstick Tube pickups are great for slide.

Dog food/water bowls in a acoustic guitar can be great, I think a resonator cone would be better in this application. The biggest problem with doing this to an acoustic guitar is cutting through the bracing for the top which can lead to top sag under string pressure. Got to know how to support everything without dampening the bowl and top vibrations. I haven't done one like that yet, so definitely get a lot of info from someone that's done one before you do it.

Taffy made a really nice one.

My experience with building a dog bowl reso git was mixed. I had a big, deep "Payback" cigar box, so it was a great box to work with. It was also my first bolt-on neck build, so there was a good learning experience involved. When completed and strung up it looked awesome to me. Upon playing it, the sound was dull and muddy. I switched several different bridges in and out, and a copper pipe bridge was the best compromise. I restrung it with lighter strings, but that didn't help very much. Ultimately, I pulled out the dog bowl, and screwed a license plate onto the top, covering the original dog bowl hole. I inserted a bolt bridge.It is a better sounding git for it. I believe the thick walled box and the questionable resonance of my dog bowl were the likely culprits on a low quality sound. So, I likely won't build another dog bowl reso, but the experience of the build was fun, and experience gained. I have since built two Lightning" cone resos, and they are far superior sounding, as expected. There was a generally pleasant response from folks who saw it....the usual "That's a cigar box?", followed by "A dog bowl?". Priceless!

Hi Granpa,

It looks like I better start experiementing.

So you wont use the dog bowl any more. Can you direct me a kit that could get me going? That you have heard and feel it is good??


Rick, I used the 5 1/2" aluminum cone made by Charles Atchison. It is available direct from Charles Atchison, and it is available from CB Gitty. I bought from Gitty, because I always buy a lot of parts and get free shipping. You will have to drill the holes in the cone yourself, but if you map it it carefully , it will go pretty easy.  A drill press is very helpful, but you can do it by hand if required.You can also get a 7" cone at either place, and Atchison also has copper cones available. You will want to buy or make a biscuit bridge, and maybe a cover for the cone. The cover is decorative, so you can use one or not, your choice. Covers are often pre-drilled for you, so that could be a useful template for drilling your cone. A google search will probably turn up many other options for reso cones, but the aforementioned places served me well. There are lots of images at Atchison, in these forums, and on the interwebs that may help fuel your design juices. Always fun to see what others have built. Do it!

Rick, I just checked out your website. You look like a guy that should have a dobro or two, maybe a vintage National Steel Body Triolian.


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