I am a very new builder and already  very out of my depth.

A few questions if I may to get some ideas and recommendations.

I have built my first three string using a 2by2 poplar stick having fun with a cool corona wood box. Also a fun diddly bow I call Hoe as it was a in-loved garden tool that now is touch ever day and is loved, helping me get my rhythm.

Question 1)  I have a three string hard tail bridge from CBgitty and a mag pick up.  I would Like to be able to open the box with out removing the hard tail,  Would cutting a square hole in the lid and mounting the hard tail to the thru box stick and the pick up for that matter, Issues?

Action issues?

Distance between the bridge and pickup?

I am  new and trying to learn to play the CBG's .  I know I only need a acoustic box for me, but I am going to try to get a young guitar player I have known for years to play one of my Electric CBG.

I spend too much time hear and not in my shop. 

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Hi Greg, have a pic of the box in question?

On the ones I've made with hardtails, I mounted the neck to the lid and the bridge screws go through the lid and into "wings" glued to the neck.

If you are using a "hardtail bridge" it's basically a cut down version of a solidbody electric "Stratocaster" type bridge, so it is  designed to be mounted on a solid body. That's the way to do it. If you are using a cigar box you need to put a solid block under where you are fixing the bridge, or glue some blocks either side of the neckstick to ensure that you  get a good solid fixing. These are not meant for acoustic instruments...no rules and all that, but there's definitely an easy and a difficult way of making a guitar, after making nearly 1500 of 'em, I still go for the easy option. Forget opening the box (unless you unscrew the bridge first) and fix the bridge  solid and right.

Hi, also you may need a hole in the top bigger than the bridge so that the edge of the hole clears the top of the bridge. This will look a bit messy.

CBJs advice is good, how often do you plan to lift the top anyway?


Thanks Guys I think I will move the hard tail built a few boxes down the queue .  I saw an video by ChickenboneJohn  on an micro adjustable neck that looked fairly straight forward .  I am going to focus to working on some playable acoustic/piezo CBG and my playing. I will continue to read way too many "ideas" and try to bank the information and not let every clever idea send my project down a rabbit hole and delay my present build.

Thank you again for the inputs. 

The information that is archived here at CBG Nation is very helpful and I need learn to optimize my search quires to drill down into all the stored knowledge.


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