I have a couple of 4-string pups and would like to use at least one on a 3-string build.  Should I angle the pup to keep the magnets closer or just center it on the strings and go with it?  

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Either way will work fine Bob, do what you think looks best

Thank you Darryl. I hope the day comes when I have enough experience that I won't have to ask dumb questions.

1. Hopefully you'll never run out of questions.  Questions are the first step toward progress.

2. There are no dumb questions. 

Well, there are dumb questions, but we never ask them here on CBN of course.

Except of course, "How many ohms does an 5w amplifier produce?"   I came pretty close to asking that one.  Kinda. Not really, but it looked like that. ;D

Hi Bob.  Three ways I can think of.  In addition to the two you already mentioned (angle or center), you can put a thin piece of steel or iron across the poles (even a nail will do).  This tends to distribute the magnetic field evenly across the pup.   The degree to which this works depends upon what you put across it, and the layout / strength of the pup itself.  I've read of several people using this approach.  You may need to add a dab of superglue and the ends and middle to hold it solidly in place.

Thank  you Wayfinder.  CBN is the premier site for my new passion.  I've been collecting the heck out of parts and other items for CBG's  I even found some decent Cigar Boxes the other day so I'm excited to get started building a few.  I've read quite a few of your posts and have seen that you readily share your expertise.  Thank you for that. We newbies need all the help we can get.  

Wayfinder, I just noticed that you live in Platte City.  I went to Platte City HS in 62/63.  We moved back to KC  so I lost touch with all my classmates.  Many fond memories of that area.  I've lived is several states since then and now live in Texas.

My pleasure Bob.  Most of the users here are equally friendly and helpful people-- and quite a few more experienced than I am.   I just throw stuff in when I find it of value in my building and have found by folks doing so, we all gain.  It's sharing those tips and tricks that make this so much fun.  

Platte City is still a nice place, although undoubtedly larger than when you lived here (were up to a population of over five thousand!)  :D

The school is probably the largest structure in the city.   Our landmark is a bright orange water tower.   On Saturday nights we go to Kansas City 'cos there's sure nothing going on here.  Except for the sound of Hwy 29 (which can be heard from just about any place in Platte City) it's pretty quiet overall.  Our police department holds "get to know us" parties for the neighborhood kids where the officers grill hotdogs and hand out souvenirs.  When people ask where I live I usually tell them "North Kansas City" because hardly anyone's ever heard of Platte City.   You're a first.  ;D

But... I'm only 12 miles north of three large hardware/lumber yards, so I keep pretty well stocked.

I ran a test with a 5.4K four pole single coil on a three string cbg, poles and strings both spaced 30mm, so that the middle string is situated between the middle poles of the pickup. A blade overneath the pickup has only one effect: it looses volume. So check carefully for a possibly positive effect before you superglue a nail onto the pickup...

Thank you Moritz.  I won't super glue it until I hear the difference.

It's always good to check before making something permanent.  However, I've never noticed a loss of volume when using this method. Other users have reported doing the same thing to equalize the magnetic field.  So if volume was lost I would venture it was possibly the size / composition of metal that was used and recommend trying something else.  One attempt and "it doesn't work" might miss a different attempt that works great.  I like to experiment and see if some tiny tweak makes a big difference.  : )

P.S. Crucial for comparison is an equal distance between a blade or a nail from the strings, otherwise you just raise the pickup which in my tests possibly compensates for a loss of volume.

Agreed one needs to compensate for distance to the strings-- especially on adjustable pickups where the individual pins can be raised or lowered on height (I doubt many CBGs are built with such expensive pups). 

However a bit confused on the second item:  doesn't raising the pickup actually increase volume?  (The closer a pickup is to the strings the louder the volume.)   Perhaps I misunderstand what you're saying.


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