Hi everybody!

All my parts are ordered and shipped and I'm pretty excited about this. I was watching some videos and I'm wondering if I bought too strong a cigar box. I found this great looking one on ebay, hopefully I've attached the file.

And now I'm wondering if the wood is too thick? I wonder if I should use my router and thin out the top for more resonance. (Note, I've never used a router before but I do have some basic wood working skills.)

I guess I could just build it and see how it sounds but I won't really know how it sounds until I nail it shut and then it's too late.

Thanks everybody!

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That is a cool looking box Paul, I'd try it un thinned 1st, you might be surprised, but if you do chose to thin it, leave all the edges full thickness, and just relieve it in between load areas, leaving thickness where bracing might be if you were making a box, I really hope you can get rid of the marker ink neatly

Thanks! I'll go for it and see what happens. And yes, if it needs thinning I'll leave a strong edge.

I'm really liking the marker ink, I name things (instruments, cars, kayaks...) this one will be named Copper Tubing!

I'd bet you're going to be happy with that as is, I certainly wouldn't thin it out at this point. Love the character of that box!

I agree with Darryl , I would not thin it . In my opinion you will not gain much by thinning it. It's a great looking box. I would not cut the lid to install a pick up or sound holes either. You can always open it up and make changes after  , make sure that you can reopen it . Just my opinion.Whiskey Box no sound holes pick up in neck. Resonates fine acoustically

Interesting, I had planed on a pickup, the thin rod piezo kind. It's already on it's way. LOL. But i guess I can try first. I had planned on making it both acoustic and electric so I can get that Blues sound.

Love the whisky box!

Nothing wrong with a rod piezo, you just need a small hole for the wires to pass through your saddle. I think Erasmo was suggesting that you don't make a big cutout for a mag pickup, I tend to agree, but make it your own, there's no rules.

Thanks Paul. I build it . If I don't like the sound  I take it apart & rebuild or make some mods . That's my method.

Drill some pilot holes and use small screws instead of nails. That way you can remove the top if needed and nails might split the old wood.

Just string pressure will hold it closed if the string retainer is not on the lid.

awesome ideas, thanks so much.

This is a really welcoming community!

Lots of good advice here so far.

I would add the rod piezo, and don't worry about thinning the top. If you have never used a router you are one slip away from destruction.

If you do everything else properly you will have the guitar you want.

That is a great looking box. 

HI Paul, I like the box and think the thickness is ok. I think you will need a sound hole for the best effect.

You will get sound from the strings with no soundhole/s, but not much, if any, tonal quality. The air in the box which is excited by the tops vibration needs to get out of the box bringing with it [among other things] tone and volume.

I can see two areas on the right-hand side of the box where soundholes could be placed either side of the neck.

Cheers Taff


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