Hey again everyone.  I was looking on a few different guitar sites trying to get an answer to this question. 

I do know that you want to have the tuning gear toward the nut/bridge and the threaded shaft for the tuning key above it toward the top of the headstock, but does it matter which way you wrap the string? 

On a 'real' guitar, it's generally preferred to have the string wrap from the center of the headstock to minimize stress on the nut, especially for the first and last strings.  I read a few stories of people who've cracked off the ends of the nut by wrapping the other way. 

I also realize you generally want all the keys on the same side of the headstock wrapped the same way so they tune up and down the same way.

All that aside, since we're building our own and have a lot more creative leeway to place things, is there any reason, mechanical or otherwise, why you would need to wrap one way or the other?



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only real reason  to rap the other way is alignment . without string trees or (screws) / retainers , to take pressure off a sharp turn from the  nut . some folks  wrap the mid tuner the other way  and drill the  post hole a bit lower , to avoid string retainer issues  by aligning it better .



Thanks.  I was having another discussion about string trees and alternatives and it started me thinking on this.  Glad to know it doesn't matter :)  There are times when the design aesthetics make the choice, but in general I'd like to get my strings straighter. It makes tuning easier and smoother when the sting doesn't have any sharp bends.


One thing to consider is which way you turn to adjust the strings.

Most of us are used to the "Righty-Tighty" "Lefty-Loosey" setup of things that turn.

If you look at commercial six stringers you'll usually see that the strings are threaded from the inside.

In the end, there is no functional reason for which way you thread.


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