Hello all,

I ordered a CBG neck and pickup from Delta Groove Guitars just about a month and a half ago. I haven't seen or heard anything about this order since I paid the invoice. I have made a couple of attempts to reach them by email but the email was not deliverable apparently. 

I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about this business and what their status is? Is it unusual to take more than a month and a half to receive an order from them? Any info or phone number to contact them by would be greatly appreciated.

Take care everyone,


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Have you tried to contact them on Twitter? He has a Twitter account.

They may have a problem, but they should have told you there would be a delay or answer your inquires.

Thank you for the tip but unfortunately I don't have a Twitter account. I did finally get an email that looks like it went through to them but I haven't heard anything back. I also found a phone# on my payment invoice. If I don't hear anything back on the email in a couple days I'll try to give them a call. Thanks again,


Let us know what happens.

I have some of their stuff. Nice work. They always put up a great booth at the ST Louis Cigar box fest. Really hope everythings ok with them. And this gets resolved quickly. 

Thank you and I hope it gets resolved quickly too. I've tried to be patient but I would even accept a refund at this point. I've built two CBG guitars and three hand wound pickups while I've patiently been waiting for these items. 

Well folks here is a little update on my situation. I gave Delta Groove Guitars a phone call to a number I took off of the invoice they sent me when I purchased the DBG neck and pickup. Nobody answered the phone but it did give me the option to leave a message. I left them a message about my concern with this order and left my name and invoice number. I asked them to get in touch with me to let me know what the order status is. I made that call on Tuesday the 14th. It's now Thursday the 16th and still no word on the order status. I also left them an email to an email address that was on the same invoice. No answer to the email either. Interesting thing is I have seen recent YouTube videos from Delta Groove Guitars. Has anyone out there placed orders with this company and not received the product? 

I know you don't have a Twitter account, what about Facebook? They have a link at the bottom of their web page for their Facebook page.

Good idea, I'll see if I can get a hold of them on Facebook. At least I can leave them another message with my concerns. Thank you :)

I ordered a neck on Jan. 8th and still have not received it. I sent them a message on their Facebook page around the 10th of February and they said they were just finishing up the fret board and it would be done by the end of that week. I have never ordered from them before so I didn't know how long it would take, but since it was a u-finish neck I didn't think it would be this long. I guess after almost two and a half months it's safe to say it probably isn't coming.

That's a real bummer to hear. I did message them on Facebook last night but so far no response there either. I hope people who are thinking about ordering from this company see these posts and think twice about sending them money. It's a shame and I hope there aren't more people sending Delta Groove Guitars orders and not receiving the product.

Another update. I finally got in contact with Delta Groove Guitars last Friday. I ended up commenting on one of his YouTube videos and he answered back. Supposedly my order is in the mail today. At least I have an active tracking number with USPS. It should arrive on Thursday. I'm not holding my breath and we'll see what happens on Thursday with the mail. Anyhow, it was good to finally make some contact with the business.

This has happened before with them before, The truth I believe is that his health problems act up, and he don't want to give excuses, so he is unable to work from time to time, but he is totally honrabe and a stand up guy, you just caught him I think at a bad time, I think its some kind of tindonitous or severe arthritis and he goes missing for a few weeks at a time, it sneaks up on him, then he cant work thru it so he lays low until it gets better...but Darren and his brother are real good people....John


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