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I was walking around lowes tonight and noticed a rack of laminate samples for counter tops. They come in tons of colors and patterns and seem like they would make a pretty good inlay material... and best of all, they are completely FREE :D

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Good luck getting anything free from Lowe's, other than parking.

Hit the Yellow Pages and find "Custom Kitchen Counters." I brought ol' number one CBG with me and the guys there were so tickled they let me rummage through the trash and walk off with a lifetime's worth of corian I'm going to use for nuts/saddles. I like the ivory-looking stuff called "Vanilla." If you want to go crazy and go for the Kandy Kolored Tangerine Flake, knock yourself out.

A bit thick for inlays, but your mileage may vary.
holy crap, BRILLIANT! grab this man a guinness
Damn, never thought of that, I have a stack of them from my kitchen remodel, I second the Guinness!
I've had kind of the same experience. When people see what I am building they are blown away by it and offer me anything I need for nothing. Ya just gotta keep trolling and you'll catch what you need!
The Taylor Palette guitar used Formica inlay in the 12th fret to make a forklift. That's a bit extreme for inlay, and they did it for Formica! Yeah, it's a cool idea, and you can't beat free stuff.

Great idea taking a CBG to the store and asking to look in the trash. :) That's something I'm going to go do... right NOW!

We can call it "Mother of kitchen sink"!



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