What instrument can you build that starts with a 2x4 plank?  We're looking for the most spectacular, innovative, interesting and artistic creations.  Note:  This contest will also include all instruments, whether stringed, wind, percussion or keyboard.  

We're challenging you to create new and exciting instruments starting with common 2x4 planks!  You should build to impress!



  1. You must build a playable musical instrument using a common 2x4 plank* as the main component of the construction.
  2. Submit your entry by uploading two (2) different photos in the COMMENTS section below.  
  3. Add a 1 paragraph description of your instrument (parts used,building techniques, inspiration yadda yadda yadda)
  4. All submissions must be built by the person submitting them.
  5. Contest submissions end Wednesday, May 31, 2017 at 11:59 pm (Eastern Standard Time US)

*Common 2x4 dimensional lumber, aka framing stud.  The 2x4 can be construction grade or top choice quality.



First place:  $100 gift certificate from C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply

Second place: $50 gift certificate from C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply

Third place:  $25 Gift Certificate from C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply


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I have always heard that blonds have more fun. Here is my blond fiddle. The only wood on here is from the 2x4. I started the build by ripping part of the 2x4 into 1\8 strips. I glued them back together and made the neck. I decided to make my focus about moving air so I could get some volume from the fiddle. I made the back and the sides and coated the inside with high gloss lacquer, since pine is so soft I needed something to reflect the sound from the top. Then I made the top and the bottom 1\8 in the middle of the fiddle and they skinny to 1\16 at the edge, like a drum.They also make classical guitars like this too. Well I finally put everything together. I made the finger board and end piece from a cut off of PVC pipe and the button on the end from the top of an old fork. Surprisingly it is fairly loud and has a really nice tone. It sure was fun to build. I will try to find someone here who plays the fiddle or violin and post a sound check for you. Thanks  

My entry. All wooden parts from one 8' spruce 2x4. 25" fretless with shelf bracket truss rod. Handmade aluminum tailpiece, bridge and nut.

Nice!!!!!! Hey what is a shelf bracket truss rod?

Its just a bracket that screws to the wall to insert other brackets that hold shelves. Basically a piece of 5/8 channel that is non adjustable and strengthens the neck against bowing. There's a picture in this video.  2x4 Build

This is my submission baritone-strato-ukelele...


So the great thing about these contests is it forces me to finish projects that I had all good intentions to do….so this is a standup bass made from a 2x4 stud with a wine box as a body. The 2x4 runs all the way though and I used a blade guard from a 1950s table saw for the headstock cause it goods awesome and works out great. I used eye bolts for the tuners with wing nuts to secure tuning, The slots in the saw guard work out good with spacing for the tuners…An added feature is the point at the end of the base for sticking in the sand at the beach modeled after the Poke-u-lelle from the 60s…the pickup is a 60s Harmony gold foil pickup that is very microphonic and picks up the bass tones well as well as thumb plucks! The wine box is a study Opus One box that I scrolled out an f hole…..The rusty gold tailpiece I pulled from an old 50s kay guitar……

John Bernyk

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