So how many of you crazy guys smoke cigars? Anyone get started from going into cigar shops so much?

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Well, I did stop by a cigar shop when I was out in California and bought a box as well as a cigar. I have also since bought a humidor with 10 cigars, which was a great deal. Loved he different selections that I got to try. I have since bought different sampler packs, and will enjoy a nice cigar every now and then.

I got hooked when I was given some cuban cigars, which are the best tasting cigars I've ever had. These were original Cohibas, not the red dots, and they were spectacular.

I know cigars are an required taste, but if you want the best taste, a real cuban cigar is the only way to go.

Froggy, one of these days I am going to have to smoke a cuban. I'd send one to my old man because he enjoys puffing on a cigar a couple times a week like I do. 

  I got hooked last year when a friend of mine that always smoked a pipe or a cigar gave me one that his buddy made. His buddy is a Chinese doctor that came over here and was unable to practice natural medicine, so he grows all his stuff on his own organic and gives it away. His cigars were hydroponically crown without any pesticides or chemicals. Nada. Pure cigar. They were incredible. The cigars are gone now, but I find others I enjoy. Not like those though. They were medicinal it seemed. 

Until then I am going to try one soon by Paul Girmirian. I hear he has high standards. I gambled on a pipe lot from another state last week, and there was a pipe stamped with his name, and numbered although he was not a pipe maker. I'm not sure how much it is worth, but it must have been the last pipe the guy, who was called Santa Claus, smoked. There were some good pipes, and the chance I took payed off. If you know the demand and cost of a Dunhill, then you can understand the joy I felt when I saw one with a ten dollar sticker on it. I enjoy smoking a pipe once or twice a week, but since my teeth are in a sensitive state I can only do it once and a while. Cigars you just can't beat. I light one up in the car and take a slow drive through the mountains. 


I love to sit back on a Saturday night and listen to music, work on my projects (which of course includes the CBGs) and smoke a cigar every now and then. 

Currently I have a sampler selection from Holt's, but I also bought 5 Baccarrats, They have a sugar dipped tip which makes for a nice sweet smoke.

I also like to buy one if I'm at a cigar shop buying a box. My brother had picked up a couple of boxes for me when he was at a cigar shop in Long Island, and I had him get me a cigar while he was at it.

I've smoked a pipe before and still have some around somewhere, but haven't gotten back into that yet.

Cheers, and enjoy that fine cigar.

Man I sure did. I have not seen snow in a couple of years with the exception of a a couple weeks in Taos, NM where the altitude is high. I still dream of that place. Driving through the hills out here in NC with all the snow we got smoking that cigar and drinking some coffee felt great. I am going to give one of my new pipes a shot with something I am aging a jar. I compulsively gave a boy in Tennessee 300 bones for all the pipes they had left without even looking close. Not into Christmas much, but the dead guy whose estate it was was called Santa Claus. The 300 ended up being a great deal. They didn't look that close, or know, but there was a Dunhill for 10 bucks. You can imagine my joy, knowing what the value on that pipe was. These are some great pipes, and I'll take my time selling them.

  I have a friend that smokes Baccarrat. I had one, and it was good. Alec Bradly is another favorite of mine that is under 10 bucks. Romeo Y Julieta is tough to beat, but I have been smoking the blazes out of these. Cant beat the price, and I can't get enough of them.

Good to see you're still on here Froggy! 

Smoke the odd one of these in the summer outdoors .keeps the mosquitoes away, (-:

I have to try a box of those. I love a good Kentucky style cheroot. Don't think Ill wait until summer.

Just I am at our first year at Glastonbury after a pretty good week of sales.. a Havana and glass of Jack Daniels and Coke.

Now thats the spirit Chicken Bone! Nice pick! I haven't been on here in a long time, but it's nice to see you on here. We never met here or anywhere, but I love your videos and have learned a lot from them. I hope you make more.

Can't beat a Montecristo!


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