So how many of you crazy guys smoke cigars? Anyone get started from going into cigar shops so much?

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Cough cough cough, not me, I have a lung disease and have a hard enough time when my wife uses hair spray lol.

I don't have lung disease and hairspray bothers me. I worked in a barber shop and there was a difficult hairstylist that worked there. He had a buzz cut, and he used more hairspray than Dolly Parton. His face and head would shine.

Just this year i have given up from smoking cigars had my last 21 ring RJ im March i was up to 3to 5 a day after retering and before i started building CBG's i was bored and depressed , its taken a stack of WONT power but i made it through and still go into my local cigar shop to see about boxes without stopping snd hitting up the humidor for a RJ . 

I bet it does. I love the smell of a cigar anything. Humidor, burning, unburned, half burned, it all smells good to me. 3 to 5 a day is a lot. I was on a frenzy for a little bit, but then I slowed down when I started to worry about aggravating some sensitive teeth I have. Now it's 1 a week, and a couple pipefuls and thats it, but I would love to have more. 

I've only ever smoked them cigarello things and cigarettes.. and even then not consistently / regularly for the past ~10 years or so ...

Last time I went to the cigar shop I offered to buy the last cigar in a box trying to get the box but they wouldn't do that.. something about their inventory policies regarding the boxes.. was a bummer.. But only lost them ~$10 sale total I think.. 

I used to smoke. I quit back in the late 80's. Smoked cigarettes mostly and then switched to Black N Milds til the end. Those little cigars smell great, but they just don't taste as good as they smell.

Didn't decide to build a Cigar Box Guitar until I found a couple of boxes while cleaning out my Dad's shed after he passed.

Never smoked a black and mild, but I love kentucky cheroots like in the old Clint Eastwood films. 

I have been wondering how many builders smoke cigars. I always thought not many did. For me it reminds me of my grandfather smoking cigars when he worked on wood projects in his shop in his garage. I always loved the smell. Now I find I seem to work better if I listen to some music and have a cigar burning, along with coffee. I have to limit myself, because of dental issues, and I'm sure there are others over time, although not near as bad with the chemicals as cigarettes. I also like to smoke a pipe every now and then, but I end up spending more time collecting the pipes, refurbishing them, and selling them than I do smoking them. I do love smoking them while I work on my gits though.

1-5 per year, need a real good opportunity to properly enjoy it

A slow drive down a snowy mountain to the Bat Cave, Nc post office today seemed like a great opportunity, and I enjoyed it!

Back in college I got into cigars with a friend of mine. We were under 21, so we’d blow our disposable income on stogies instead of potables. We started out with cheap drugstore dog-rockets but quickly progressed to the stuff we were reading about on Cigar Aficionado. We weren’t obtaining any Opus X product, but we were spending between five and nine (1996) dollars a pop on these things, which was kinda steep for a couple slackers. Must have looked hilarious, a fifties greaser-revival type with pomaded hair (him) and a scummy-looking punk kid with a bleached mop (me) and an old army shirt, enjoying these fine imported cigars in the middle of the night on a college campus neither of us attended. I liked a shorter, fatter stoge with a maduro wrapper. Arturo Fuente made one I liked a lot. A Rothschild maybe?

I haven’t had a cigar in about 15 years at this point. But I’m starting to think it’s time to fire one up again. I’ll be visiting Bloomington here soon, and they’ve got a nice shop downtown.

I had that greaser thing going on in the mid 90's. Swing dancing, leather jackets, zippo tricks, but I mostly smoked cigs. Nothing like a cigar though. The one's you may be talking about I believe is from the Romeo Y Julieta. One of my favorites is from them. Romeo Y Julieta 1875. They may have a robusto, or something close. I like them all naturals and maduro. Brick House makes a decent cigar that is affordable, along with Alec Bradly. Let me know what you get if you do stop in that shop soon. 


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