Just need a good confidence boost here chaps.

This is my project, I have put a maple centre block in a cut my neck joint which I am worried it too shallow? 

I have a cone to put in place and a gibson style bridge to go towards the back.

My electrical plan is to have a blending pot betweena  p90 and a piezo on the cone; tone and volume too.

Paint job, thinking high gloss Pelham blue apart from the back of the box where the origional cigar details are... Painted headstock too to match.

Can you guys have a look? Let me know your thoughts? I am worried about setting out with a poor chance of a good action... but I am trying.

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Hi,you may not have enough downward pressure on the saddle/cone, but in any case you will nead grooves in the saddle top edge, which should be about 1/8" wide on top at most. 

Slots are best if they are a size that suits each string. String about half their diameter deep in the slot, unwound strings a bit more.

I stain scrap timber the same as the guitar to test.

That action looks very low to me?? Raising the saddle height would make the saddle a bit week I think, so maybe a thicker biscuit, or reset the neck angle. You'll have to get that right before setting intonation.


Hey Taff,

Thanks for all your help.

The action seems OK to me, pretty playable... no fret buzz at all and feels nice (ish, its not fender).

However, I feel that it will be nicer once the strings are set in place a bit better, so slots will help and possibly radiusing the saddle?

It seems to sound OK too which is good.

As far as finish goes, I have no wood similar so I will get a finisher at work to give me his thoughts and just accpet what I have got :)

Its been really really fun and I am ready to get it all wired up and plugged in... just need to learn the art of slide now!


Ok Rob, sorry mate when I see a reso guitar I think of "slide playing", so I based my comments on that. The way I play I find it harder to get a clean slide sound with a low string action and a radiused nut and saddle. Looks like you've got it nailed. Enjoy.

You could use an orange shellac, that will deepen the colour and bring out the grain, then wax it if needed.


Cheers Taff,

So still groove the bridge and radius the bridge? 

It might end up being a slide guitar as the sound is really intriguing.... Its loud which I was amazed at and that is before cutting the F holes which I now have planned.

I will look into your orange shellac, sounds like a nice idea!


Hi Rob, this my third attempt to reply, cant get my post to go through. I'll try again with  a shortened version, just in case.

Standard guitar set up can and is used for slide, but I find it hard to get clean notes across all the strings when curved/radiused, with a flat slide, with my playing style.

My guitars have flat nuts and flat saddle/bridge, even on the recycled radiused necks like yours. That creates another issue, but I can live with that.

Go for slotted and radiused.


Hey Taff and everyone else,

I have pretty much finished now, pictures to come!

Im struggling a little with Piezo placement... I have two wired in and dont know how to mount/where...

Also, I am getting a lot of poor earth noise through the amp. I have not earthed the cone yet but will do.... Do you have any other ideas as to why I am getting so much noise?

Kind regards



Good to hear from you! I thought you were off for a while...

I have mounted a P90 which also looks awesome... I will update the pictures online so you can see what I have created... I love it!!

Yes I was planning on doing the earthing for the cone that way.

I ruined a cone sadly, I bent it by putting too much pressure on it, so I have a replacement to fit.

Ive only just got the P90 mountin screws so I will set that up this weekend.

Cant wait to show you!!

Any thoughts on PIezo mounting?? :)


Hi Rob, you might try mounting a piezo in/or under the biscuit bridge. If it was me I would mount a few piezo,s in a few pre made biscuits and try them once the guitar assembled. There are a variety of ways to mount to get different tones, that I can think of.

also I always use a blend pot or two volume pots, this way I can temper any harshness from the cone with the warmth of the mag pickup.

i run my earth to the tailpiece, and never earthed a cone, ever. Sometimes you can get hum from the amp via household electrical circuits. Try a different power outlet. Or a new guitar lead.


Thanks both of you, I will let you know how I get on...

Im concerned at the moment I have something wrong as I get a hum until I touch a metal piece and then it stops ( I think..... Too may beers to remmeber right now!)

I will try and get it all together this weekend and see how I get on... :)

I have never blended a mag pickup with a piezo, because I was concerned they are so mismatched the mag will overwhelm the piezo (without a preamp on the piezo or turning the mag pickup waaay down in the blend).

I realize this may be different in a resonator, where a piezo on the cone might be very loud, but as a general matter, am I incorrect? Is there much benefit in using a blend pot with a mag pickup and a piezo with no preamp?

Hi, I find that a mismatch of the two pickups could be attributed to number of factors, such as quality and placement of the pickups.

I also find that a piezo fitted in the "sweet spot" position on the top can be as loud as, if not louder, than a magnetic pickup. The reason I use a pre amp is not to make the piezo pickup louder but to add other/better tonal qualities, and send them to the amp with minimal loss.

i have also used a blend pot and sometimes a master volume with mag and piezo and had good balance even without a preamp. However the high frequencies of the piezo are a lot harsher without one. But as I mentioned earlier blend in a humbucker to warm it up.

Bottom line for me, I have guitars here with louder piezo's (no preamp) than a guitar fitted with a Les Paul humbucker, and far louder than one with a single coil. 

And although my preamped CBG is not that much louder than my un amped CBG, it does sound a whole lot better.

cheers Taff

Thanks, Taffy. That is helpful.


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