Just need a good confidence boost here chaps.

This is my project, I have put a maple centre block in a cut my neck joint which I am worried it too shallow? 

I have a cone to put in place and a gibson style bridge to go towards the back.

My electrical plan is to have a blending pot betweena  p90 and a piezo on the cone; tone and volume too.

Paint job, thinking high gloss Pelham blue apart from the back of the box where the origional cigar details are... Painted headstock too to match.

Can you guys have a look? Let me know your thoughts? I am worried about setting out with a poor chance of a good action... but I am trying.

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Anyone ? :(

Rob, everything seems ok except you mention a Gibson type bridge toward the back? is this a typo? For a resonator the bridge needs to be on the cone

Sorry sorry I meant tailpiece... I have the biscuit which I bought with the cone :)

ok, I'll give it a shot here before you get in too deep.....

Nice looking neck, but yeah, I recommend setting it in the box a little deeper where it's flush with the box top, and only the fret board is above the box lid, for aesthetics, and to give it a more secure mounting in the box, especially since your going with 6 strings(tension)

Lets back up a little too, you say resonator....I think you'll be disappointed, here's why, in order for the reso to do it's job, it needs to vibrate, your box top looks mighty thick, plus all the wood you have inside, you can grab it by the neck and beat off zombies in the next apocalypse with that box and never hurt it.

You also mentioned a bridge at the end of the box, I hope you mean merely a tailpiece for securing the strings, for a reso to work, the bridge and saddle need to be mounted on the reso cone(do some google searches for resonator pictures)

My suggestion for your first build you've started, lose the reso cone for this box, lower the neck as suggested, go with mag pickups only, single pups or humbuckers or combination of, you have a good foundation for a very nice electric cigar box guitar.

Please don't take this as anything other than constructive criticism, glad you are asking questions, hate for you to be disappointed on your first build and give up.

Use the search engine on here to see other build, for both resonator and regular electric builds.

I'm sure more people will chime in, be patient, plenty of good people here ready to help, sometimes life gets us busy.

Thanks for all the help and advice!

So, I can loose a chunk of wood from the inside pretty easily with a router this would help?

The box is about 1/8" thick, which I would be sad if it were too thick :(

I can easily change my mind on the tailpiece, nothing is fitted/cut to suit this :)

I guess I have my heart set on the resonator as now with a young person in my house I doubt I will get the chance to build many more :(

Thanks for the advice on the neck depth, ill lower it right down which again is easy to do!

All advice is very useful and very constructive, exactly what I needed!!!

ps - would a sound hole be ok?

if it's already that thin, no need to route

Are you talking this style bridge?

if so, it would be fine for an electric setup as mentioned, make sure you position it according to the stewmac fret calculations as suggested to you in other topics you posted.

With your neck flush and fretboard above the lid, this bridge should set up your action nicely.

Absolutely, I completely miss typed that... 

I will follow those guidelines once I am ready to setup I suppose? I just want to make sure I dont need to change anything with the neck angle/depth :)

If you go the reso direction, do not use this bridge, use a tailpiece

Now, if your really wanting a reso build for you first git, then you'll have to make some adjustments, route the lid of that box down to at least an 1/8 of an inch, or use a lighter style cigar box, (plus----why so much would inside your box)research bridge and saddle combinations for you reso cone, and you really have to take care where you place the reso cone for the intonation to be close when you sit your bridge/saddle on it. Also, if the reso cone your using rises above the box lid some, you may need to mount the neck at a bit of a back angle to be able to have a bridge that's not too high action, .....

I think we need more pictures(your intended resonator cone) bridge you were going to use, don't get discouraged, just want to get a better idea of what you want and what you have to work with to better help you.

I would not be worried too much about the density of your box and timbers used. The sound from  resonator guitars come from the resonator itself with little effect from top or back. In fact there is normally a ring of timber coupling the top to the back and supporting the cone. It would look like a tambourine without the rattelly bits, this stiffens the top and back.

l will post some photos of my just finished (still to be set up) full acoustic resonator guitar and a solid body version of the same guitar. When played unplugged both guitars have similar output and tone. It's coming from the cone.

So, if the cone is the main component producing sound, it needs to be able to transfer string vibrations, as the top normally does. Think of a 12" speaker working, that's the cone, the more expensive or bigger the speaker the better/greater the sound.

cheers Taff


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