I have recently sold one of my guitars for 175. My question is, am I pricing it right or should I ask more-less?20180319_200356.jpg

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I'd throw the question back at you . .   

What is your financial expectation of building CBG's?  Are you in it to make as much money as possible - or are you helping to finance your hobby?  What is the value of the instrument?  Are you good with $175?  Customer feel like they got a good deal?  Sort through that and you'll probably find your answer.

Everybody is different.  There are some amazing craftsmen on here who's work rivals any quality luthier.  My approach to the CBG has always been more proletarate . . . Myself, I like to celebrate the "primitive" aspect of the thing.  $150 - $175 is about top-end.  But that's just me.

I really just like to build them. I use primitive methods and solid hardwoods and whatever else i can find to stick on them. I would like to say they are unique but i think every ones cbg's are. I am not looking to make a killing at or profit from it really. i sell antiques at trade day markets in my area and had 2 of my guitars there. I sold the one and was offered by many other people to buy the other one that was not for sale but just to show people what i can do. I now have 3 orders to fill. One will be a little more elaborate and they agreed on $280 and the other 2 are simple and I priced them at $125. The basic ones take me almost 2 days to build while the other one will take me 3-4 days. The man that bought the one mentioned above was more than happy with it and I was kinda sad to watch it go. They cost me to build anywhere from $30 to $50.

Many variables come into play.,.,and often egos is one of them.,., Iv'e seen builds go for $35 to $4000.,.,

I think Knotlenny has good advice.,.,What makes you and the customer comfortable? I sell lower than many, but I started on Ebay, and paid close attention to my competition from peers.,.,I was one of a group  competing and learning the aspects of marketing.,.,.,I even saw perfectly good builds sell for $18 .,.,.

I have never sold a build for more than $88, so if you got $175, I say Kudos, good job.,.,.,

Hi, I started building CBG's out of good tone woods, I always tried to get the best sounding, loudest playable guitars I could. These had pickups, controls, 1/4 sawn neck and fingerboard hardwood timbers etc. plus bracing and soundholes that I knew were best suited. Oh, and fretted.

I charged accordingly, as my first customer said he could get what he likes from the USA for $1200, so l thought that is what must go into high priced CBG's. I charged no where near that, and have happy customers.

But.........most people couldn't see or even hear what they were paying for.........until I built a range of CBG's out of plywood. These were of course cheaper to build and sell, they also sounded it. Now I can play each model to them and they decide what they want for their money.

Cheers Taff


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