Got a bass neck that I’m going to covert to a six string with the bass neck running thru the cigar box.

heated up the bass fretboard with an iron.  Pealed it off and going to use a maple six string fretboard in its place(22-fret / 24.75”). Probably stop the fretboard at the juncture to the cigar box ( so it will end up being < 22 frets...) more as work progresses...


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Bass necks are thinner(width wise) at the nut than 6 string guitars(5 string bass necks are better for this), so your nut and string spacing at the nut may be an issue. Regular 6 string guitar nut width is 11/16" to 3/4".

You can fill in the tuner holes with wood dowels(use hard wood) and re-drill for the new tuners.

Putting the fretboard on top of the neck, how much over hang do you have? or does it fit the neck good?

Plugged the bass tuner holes with dowel plugs.

down loaded a 6-string tuner template with 3L 3R arrangement ( the bass neck was 2L 2R)

when I get the tuners I’ll check the positions on template to verify that the tuners and tuner keys have clearance before I drill the tuner holes in the headstock.

here's my headstock template:

I think it's a Schecter headstock that I flipped so i would mimic the bass headstock's form...


Bass neck is 1 5/8” at the nut...

I’ll use a six string nut that is 1 11/16” and trim it down a bit on each end.

You'll be able to get away with that I'm sure. I like the headstock.

How are you going to attach the neck to the box?

The neck had a 26” fretboard.

the cigar box is 11” long, so I’m planning to run the neck that distance on a red oak 3” wide and 3/4” runner. The runner will be glued to the box with a 3/8” routed pocket that the bass neck will bolt into...  a take a picture when I get there.  Then the lid will be glue to the neck instead of a fretboard.  A u channel in the box wall where the neck extends out mite have a brace, too.


Is the box a 1/8" thick plywood sides and back with the fiberboard top?

If so, you'll need to run a brace all the way through the box. 6 strings tuned to pitch will make a thin box fold up easy. 3 strings wouldn't be a problem and maybe get away with it on a 4 string, but not 6 strings.

So make sure the box bracing inside will handle the stress. Show us a couple pics so we'll know for sure about your plan and spot any problems for you.

Installed pre-cut stainless steel frets onto the pre—cut fretboard.

next step will be gluing the fretboard to the bass neck... 

I use 2 hard wood boards(1 on top of the fretboard and 1 under the neck) that are the same width of the neck and clamp it all together to keep even pressure all the way across and up/down while the glue dries. Also use 10 to 12 clamps. 

Reason being that sometimes air bubbles can cause small gaps between the fretboard and neck resulting in you needing to remove the fretboard and starting over.

I also like to dry fit everything first, drill 2 small holes(big enough for finishing nails) through the fretboard(in one of the fret slots so that the fret will cover up the hole) and about 1/4" into the neck. Then when I glue and clamp everything together, the 2 nails will hold it all in the correct place. After the clamps are tight enough, I pull the 2 nails out with needle nose pliers.

Got some pics of all that if you want/need to see it.


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