So, I inherited several card tables.  I seriously have like 6 of them.

I was thinking, could they be durable enough - with plywood and board reinforcements on the top- that I could turn one into a router table?

What do you all think?

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Depending on the card table I guess. I've seen some that are as sturdy as anything and some that are flimsy. My mom was an avid bridge player and we've had as many as 6 card tables set up at a time. All of varying ages and sturdyness. The ones from the mid 60s seemed the best (and heaviest.....coming from the kid who had to schlep them up from the basement) my favorites were some from the 40s. Wooden legs but very light. Not suitable for anything but card playing....not even good for the kids table at thanksgiving.
If you want to get rid of them donate them to a church. They always have a need for them.
After thinking about it, I think the legs would be too long and too thin. Spend a few bucks on MDF and make a router table. Or buy one for a couple more bucks. The time you spend making one from a card table could be better spent making a better one yourself. Save the card tables for poker night.
Or prove me wrong. Then show me how you did it.

I will not prove you wrong. 

I opened one of the tables up and shook it, just to see how much movement there would be....

...I would lose a finger.

So, now I'm just gonna make one.  So, how big of a top would I need?  I do have an old piece of a MDF countertop that was once mounted in the garage.  It's 2'x2', roughly.  I feel like that may not be big enough. 

Glad to hear this....think you are right..accident waiting to happen....let me know how it turns out

Any bench or platform for hand or power tool work needs to be as stable as possible, the only difference is that with power tools, when it moves you lose more wood or fingers.

So, I don't necessarily have to buy a mounting plate.

Now I just have to decide if my 2'x2' MDF counter top is large  enough (Though I'd like to remove the back panel of it...the part that would be a backsplash if it were an actual counter).


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