I have a humbucker. It has only two wires. White and bare wire.

im pretty sure the white is hot and the bare is earth. I’ve tested it with a basic output jack and I believe it’s wouldnt function if the wires are reversed?? Is it possible it would be reverse?...also all the different Wiring diagrams I see are all in relation to 4 or 5 wires.

The pickup is not single coil. 

Id like to wire 1 volume 1 tone 1 jack. I see diagrams for piezos and Seymour Duncan’s diagrams (not the same)) .can anyone help with a simple diagram including the capacitor . Thank you 

ps in all instances describe what’s earth and what’s hot please. If a pic helps please let me know .

both wires come out of the pickup with one red wire ...but inside the red wire (covering of some sort) is the white and bare wire 

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You'd wire it like this...

This is great ! Do I solder grounds in the back of both pots for ground to bridge or just one of the pots to bridge ? Iif so which one please? 

Ground to bridge just needs to run from one point - either of the pots or the ground lug on the jack, DO NOT do multiple grounds, as this can create more problems than it solves.  If you reverse the ground and "hot" from the pickup you may pick up humming from lights etc.

Woah...had some bad hum better see if it was reversed...and thank you!

...in addition to the wires already in Korrigan’s drawing ...do I ADD a ground to bridge wire?....Thank you 

You should have a ground wire from the bridge/stop tail piece to the back of the volume pot or to the ground lug of the jack.


I have a tuneomatic bridge(no stopbar In this case)

the only metal/magnetic part of the bridge are the actual screws (that hold posts)  posts and bridge are not grounding material (think cheapo kind)...gonna try screws for ground...other than that string ferrules are steel but pretty small and awkward for a ground wire.

The usual process for that type is running a wire to the stud cavity before the post stud is pressed in. Do the strings wrap around the bridge or are they terminated else where?

The strings are through the body with ferrules and go over the bridge.. There is a post /stud under the bridge I could use I’d suppose. There’s already a hole to make a ground but I seem to remember trying it....the wire gets soldered to the post or just jammed in there? Thanks!

when I touch a magnet to the post there’s no pull...the screw that goes inside the post ...yes ...and the little things the strings actually reside on are magnetic...all other parts are some other type of metal or aluminum look to it...this is the fat post type tuneomatic 

Magnetism has nothing to do with electrical conductivity (at least in the sense we are talking about). Take copper for instance; not magnetic yet the ground wires you are using are probably made of it.

You don't need to solder the wire to the bridge as long as it has and will maintain good contact. You may need to lightly sand the contact point on the bridge if it has some kind of coating on it.

Thank you


Where would the ground wire that attaches to the bridge come from....Should there be one more wire in addition to your drawing ...thanks very much!


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