well I got a lap steel that buzzes pretty darn bad when I touch the volume knob. It stops buzzing when I touch the jack.

It’s a 1 jack, one volume 500k pot and a 2 wire epiphone like chrome humbucker. Weird. 

If I touch the strings it’s less buzz. If I touch the jack there’s no buzz. Here’s a pick . Tried touching the ground wire to the strings, the bridge and also the stop bar...it’s a tuneomatic type set up. I followed Seymour Duncan wiring and can’t figure out what’s wrong ? Any ideas appreciated.

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I’ve got the 3rd lug of the volume pot grounded to the back of the pot as well as as a ground wire soldered to the back of the pot that I’ve tried touching to the bridge as well. Have I double grounded somehow? Seems odd...maybe it’s a bad pot or solder. Is there a way I can test it with a multimeter? If so exactly how please. The wiring cavity is acessable but kinda cumbersome. With the pot fully up...it’s not too awful but I touch the volume knob I hear noise and when I turn it it’s crackly...when I touch the input jack...almost fine...little buzzing...but somethings off

Hard to say but a few ideas:

1) a good solder point is shiny and flares out around the edges like a fried egg, a bad solder point is dull and tucks under at the edges like a meatball.  a multimeter MAY help find it in the > 0.1 ohm range, or may not, the meter used very low power DC, and bad connections react more to the high frequency low power AC signal from a pickup and EMF noise.

2) usually touching the metal volume pot, grounded bridge and strings, ground part of output jack caused EMF noise to get better, you might have a signal and ground backwards somewhere. check that the ground wire from the pickup, the ground wire from the pickup cover/case, the body and 'ground' lug of the volume pot, and the sleeve connection on the jack are all correct and not one accidentally swapped over.

3) ground loops are where you have wiring that goes to ground along 2 different paths, making a loop that acts like the old uhf hoop antennas catching the magnetic component of EMF noise.

I experienced this and found that I had switched my hot and ground at the jack.

I'd try a different power outlet/circuit, could be interference from another appliance in the house. Also check the guitar lead. I have fixed two complaints re this, with this suggestion,  this week.


Thanks everyone. Trying a different volume pot and following suggestion here...shaking hands don’t help lol

A crackly pot is a bad thing.   You can put foil tape under both pots, inside the cavity to ground them together, this might help eliminate a bad solder joint to ground...  if the jack is in the same cavity, then you don’t need to solder the pots to ground if they are all tied to the same piece of metal...  

good luck!   Oh, just for giggles, did you try a different cable?

somewhere around here, I have a pic that might make more sense...


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