First build and first post so bear with me as I’ll probably have  few questions along the way. I’m using a CBGitty box, burnt laser markings are on the outside on purpose. I’ve wood burned the top and I’m going to distress it so I figured the burned marks will help. 

Now to my question. I’ve ordered a premade fretboard and I plan on using some old heart pine as the neck. I’m wanting the fretboard to come over the top of the box a little but not sure how the process needs to go. What would be the best way to go about this?

My thinking is to fix the neck so it’s flush with the top then glue the fretboard on. With this box, the top sits on top of the box, which I’ll screw on blocks I’ll put in the corners so he neck will have to be notched so it comes up even with the top with lid on. 

Thanks for any advise. 


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Aside from a little direction, he already looks like an expert...

and Korrigan....your keeps a changing, I've got a new one for you next time

and in case you couldn't tell, just funnin ya ! :-)))

That sir is freakin' awesome!  : )

Just taking good advice from the experts, that’s all but thanks.

Nice work, looks like a good player.

Alright guys, it’s finished. Take a look and tell me what you think, give it to me, need the advise for the next build. I’ve got double piezo pickup hot glued in place and covered in hot glue, one on lid close to the bridge and one on the back. I don’t currently have an amp so don’t know what it sounds like it easy enough to move if need be. I know the middle string is high on tuner, it broke and is really to short, will replace. I wasn’t sure what finish to put on it, didn’t want poly, wanted to keep the old look so I decided to go with Watco Danish Oil, it’ll give it some protection while not making it glosssy.

im happy with it but want to get your opinion.

I think it looks fantastic Troy! I love the weathered look. I don't think your going to like the piezo on the back though, it's going to pick up a lot of unwanted handling noise and not a lot of vibration from the strings. Also, you probably could have gotten away with one string tree. The angle on the bass string would probably have been enough without one. All in all though, nice work!

I think I’ve got room to put it on the neck under the top. Would that be a better location? Also, what gauge strings do I need to buy from local music store for open G tuning?


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