I'm going to check out the Makerspace in Appleton WI tonight (https://appletonmakerspace.org/about-us/). Nice woodshop and a lot more for $50/ month membership. I'm hoping I'll be able to get an occasional membership, and then go in every 3 months or so and knock out a bunch of CBG's and the like.

Does anyone belong to one of these type of collective shops?

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Sean, I don't belong to a builder's collective, but have read in these forums (I think) and elsewhere about them. I think the concept is great for folks who don't have a work space or tools needed to build gits, though they can be built with a small collection of non-powered hand tools. Lots easier with some nice power tools, though. It's important to have sufficient training in the use of power tools, because they are turning fast, and are sharp, and painful, sometimes fatal when errors happen. Earlier this year I read about a collective that had to close due to lack of subscriptions. Chances are that evenings and weekends might be busy times, so you might want to check the place out at the times you might be using it. Best of luck.

Yeah, I built my first six gits, a dozen amps, and a "7 string" electric washboard in my apartment, so I can do it with hand tools. But after visiting the Space last night, it would be way easier to build them there. This one doesn't seem very busy, under 50 members it sounds like. And less sawdust in my apartment would be worth it alone. LOL

Just to have access to a scroll saw and band saw would make builds go so much faster. Finding out today if I can get an occasional membership.

Cool. Go for it. You've built a good bit of stuff, so you obviously know the process, and getting some bigger, better tools helped me. I started my building with a circular saw and a 3/8" drill, and the usual home toolbox stuff. As my tool collection grew, as possible, my builds got better, and I bled less. There is always a lot of hand work with git building, but the plug in stuff cuts and drills straighter than my old hands.After reading my first post, it seemed a little "less than encouraging", which wasn't my goal. The safety stuff is, of course, imperative, but access to work space, tools, and maybe some helpful guidance (if you want it) for $1.67/day is a pretty good deal. Heck, I would be willing to go that for access to a planer and a joiner. Looking forward to seeing some of your builds.

Hey Sean. I tracked down your original thread on this to keep it in one space.

So... Ive just got back from our local makerspace here in knoxville Tn. I Finished work and excitedly sped home to load up with lengths of hardwood and various tools and templates before heading down. Not really knowing what to expect but arrived to find a great little workspace with all the tools and space one could dream of! Just the woodshop alone had tools i'd never dreamed of, the usual bandsaw, several scroll saws, planers, routers and huge hi tech table saw... And a laser cutter! And that was just the woodshop!

This evening like every tuesday night was what they call an open hack night. Where new or interested member can go down, check out the space and work on personal projects or help someone else out. I took a quick tour then scampered out to the car to grab some timber and set about cutting some headstocks on the scroll saw, so much easier and quicker than using a coping saw on my back porch i can tell ya!
After an hour or so it was time for me to tidy up and head out, as i was leaving one of the volunteer co founders asks if i was interested in becoming a member, my response was that it was a week or two til payday so would have to hold off for now. He replied with "awesome, it would be great to have you, but feel free to come down to more of our "open nights and just work away, and sort membership when its best for you".

So long and short for now... I think ive just found a new workshop but my pizzas getting cold and typing on my phone is dumb ☺

i have looked into a hackerspace here in brisbane. first problem is it is 30+ Km from home. second is they charge $60 per month membership.  too rich for me unfortunately, and a bit too far to be convienient.

i found another called "The Edge" run by our state library... they only seem to charge for the induction to the equipment, safety etc... trouble it is also 30 odd Km away  and they have limited equipment... they do have a laser cutter and a 3d printer so it could be a go'er !!

thinking laser cut boxes and maybe try fret marking or even cutting of fret slots.....

Yeah at 30km away it does makes you think if its worth it! Luckily my local one is only a few miles across town. Also looking forward to the possibility of laser cut stuff, could be fun and interesting. Ultimately i think im gonna visit ours for a few more of the open nights before handing over cash ☺

back in 1983 i had a job as a CNC programmer on an industrial laser cutter. i have always wanted to get myself a small one to play with but i have never had both the room and the money at the same time..lol  i envy you guys in the states.. the laser cutters are so much cheaper. by the time you get one to Australia its twice the price... a 24"by 24"max bed size would suit me to the ground. could prog up some nice boxes with that size cutter. 

The Makerspace near me is in between - about 7 miles / 11.25 km away. The president there says it's not a problem if I'm a month-to-month member, so I'll just collect parts, and then build a few at once to make the $50 worth it. You might ask about that, Timothy, then you could make the trips during one month and build like mad...

Mike, it sounds like you have a nicer space than the one here, and I thought that was a nice little woodshop! Sounds like the regulars are friendly too.

One of the Carolina Box Guitar Club guys played one of his builds at the wood shop in Concord NC and it got more people interested in building and learning to play cbg's. Remember to show your finished projects.

and I've found myself back in this thread again.... 

So, I bit the bullet and signed up as a full time member of the local maker-space. Just completed my first month trial and now have my own key so can go down anytime day or night. I've had a few different git projects on the bench so far and the reaction from other members has been fantastic! theres also a future possibility that I'll host either a git or canjo workshop. 

Having access to all the space and tools is a definite bonus  and I have someone whose offered teach me how to use the laser cutter in the next few weeks so we can trial with fun projects such as box cutouts,bridges, pickup surrounds among other crazy ideas, super excited about that!!

have fun! you can etch the wood with the laser too.. custom graphics in you future..

I havent managed to go to one , its just too far away..


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