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after downloading the CBG chord form sheets and playing around with a number of tab sheets, I am starting to see (or maybe hear, LOL) that not all the chords sound full. Yes, I know I'm only playing on 3 strings, but some chords on it sound nice and full, and others sound thin, and some just sound plain ol' out of tune...even though my CBG is tuned fine. So I was thinking, to fatten up the sound a bit to maybe look into some of the octave effect stomp boxes. I've been eyeing the Pitch Fork box by electro-harmonix. I love the sounds that can be gotten with it.

Anyway, I was just wondering if others around here have played their CBG's though these devices and what they thought...


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i have read a few posts where some guys use a Digitech RP50/55 etc multi effect unit. Apparently they are quite cheap on ebay in the US, not so much here in Aust.

i Already had an old one but i am currently in the process of building it into a small practice amp i am rebuilding.

an octave pedal would sound great especially if you have a trebley sounding git...

I use an older Digitech GNX-1 multi-effects unit sometimes. Lots of amp models, effects, vol / wah pedal, tuner, etc. it has the guts of an RP 50/55 contained within it, plus a lot of other kewl stuff. The newer one is the GNX-4, or you can go with the RP series, latest of which is the RP-1000. Either will set you back 200-300 USD.

The reason certain chords don't sound full is:

1) the obvious one - you're using 3 strings to try to play chords with more than 3 notes, usually minor 7ths, diminished chords, "jazzy' type stuff. Try a 4-stringer.
2) your string selection can have an influence on this - lighter strings, more treble
3) same with box sizes - smaller box, more trebly, bigger box, more bass
4) aaaannnd sound hole sizes and number - more holes, more treble, bigger holes, more treble
5) aaaannnd tuning - tuning it like a banjo or in 5ths (GBD or GDG) will make it sound plinky - try ADF# with heavier strings
6) use a distortion, fuzz or overdrive pedal - but not too much, unless you're going for that buzzsaw tone.

You're going down a rabbit hole, Snuffy ;-)

LOL...I kinda figured it was a mix of things...mostly missing those "other 3" strings though. Not really complaining though, just getting started with this thing, so I'm noticing alot of things.

I'm using D'Addario Nickel Wound Electric Strings (.010-.046 Regular Light). I think I'm using 2-3-4. I've got two big soundholes on either side of my Thinbucker Maine Made CBG Pickup. And I'm tuned to GDG. Sometimes when I play clean, this thing sounds like a classical guitar, LOL.

Lastnight, I played "Amazing Grace" on the Extreme setting on my Roland Micro Cube. Turned the Gain up. It was highly distorted. Kinda tripped me up because I have been playing it clean for so long. You're right, the distortion fills in the emptiness, LOL.

Yes, it is a rabbit hole, and I kinda knew this going in, as I've played with lots of guitarists in my life (as a drummer) and have played with some great sounding and some poor sounding. Not only is it about talent, but it's also about controlling the many variables that are involved in getting a great sound. So many things to master...

My Roland Microcube has an octave mix setting, it does sound interesting.. perhaps a light chorus setting might add some fill... that and a little reverb . . .

I have a Digitech RP255... I want to see if it will do a true octave shift, just so I can play 7 Nation Army. ;-)

I have the Roland Micro Cube GX, but I'm not seeing any octave mix setting on mine. You must have a cube that is a step up from mine. I've been playing around with my chorus, delay and reverb settings. Getting some great sounds, but I'd still like to try an octave pedal.

It's the "Heavy Octave" setting on the EFX knob... It's more of a chorus setting...   It adds some interesting depth...

I have an Eelectro Harmonix POG 2. It can add a bit of bottom end that sounds good. But have to e careful how much and how loud. A heavy low end can damage smaller speakers and some 12s as well. 

Do you think it would hurt my Roland Micro Cube GX?

As long as you don't play it really loud or with a lot of bass in it. Remember that most guitar speakers aren't designed to play bass through them. Over time it will start loosening the speaker cone from the magnet. 

Use the effect to enhance your sound. Just to hear it. Not to overpower it. 

Yeas ago I had a bass player friend who got ahold of some cheap 10 inch guitar speakers. So we hooked them up to his 2x18 Fender Bassmen amp. He cranked it. Slapped that low E. Nothing. Instantly fried. Not even a bleep. We were kinda hoping for smoke and fire.  : )

that sounds more like overpowered and burned the voice coils.

Usually a Bass will tear the cones of speakers not designed for bass, it pushes and HOLDS the cone at the extremes of travel because its a lower frequency then the designed elasticity of the cone's rim.

Ya, we were a bunch of kids back then. Would have been cooler if it smoked and sparked a bit. : )

Pirotechnics! Always a crowd pleaser.


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