I have a buddy who does precious metal exchange, and each month he trashes about 20 beautiful wooden chests. Many of them have feet, and are dove tailed boxes--beautifully made.

Obviously too heavy for a guitar, but does anyone have an idea of have to recycle some 240 wooden cases a year?



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I have one of those boxes. Always thought it would make a great bass body. 

maybe an amp case for some of the smaller ones?

stomp pedal box? nice and fancy....

Bonfires are nice this time of year...

Make a plethora of Basses and send some boxes to me please!!!

How big and thick is the wood in them. If big enough, might be able to cut them up for necks and such. Knowing the types of wood, would help others to give you comments, and pictures would be nice too.

This guy is in Alexandria, VA. I believe he would be happy to unload them for free, but shipping would be pricey. I imagine any silver exchange probably has the same quandary--if you visit a local shop you could probably get a life time supply of chests.

Most of the boxes I saw in his shop look like the pictures below--single or maybe with a drawer--all kinds of wood. Since they don't accept silver plate at the exchanges, these chests tend to be higher end--meant for solid silver sets.

I estimate the wood to be 3/8-1/2". They are too small for neck pieces.
Randomly measured two of these chests:
18x15x4". Thickness--7/16"
15x11x3". Thickness--5/16"

So they vary.

Does seem like it would make a decent stand up bass or amp. But there are so many!

Measure inside and outside to see how thick the tops are. Tap on it to see what it sounds like. The first two boxes could make some dandy electric guitars. But they might also work for an acoustic guitar, if the top is thin enough. The other one you could always use to store tools and parts in. Will you have to buy them, or are they free?

Oooh! Keith, good call.

Indeed these chests are lighter on the top and bottom (damn, I've just started a new naughty thread).

Pix attached.

Yea, the one with feet would make a good stomp box. Turning into boxes for watches, necklaces and the wort comes to mind too.

I'm near Alexandria VA, message me his contact info, I'd love to grab a few 'free' ones. :-)

Hi JL,

I tried to PM you, but couldn't figure it out. Posted this to your wall as well:

I am going to visit the shop this week and ask him about pricing. I have no interest in becoming a middle man, but Dan Sleep emailed me from his sick bed expressing interest, so he has first dibs. I want a few myself, but not the whole lot.

Once I get pricing, I will let both of you know how he wants to proceed. I asked him via email about bulk versus single sales. I don't want to give his contact info to the Nation and have him have to answer the same questions repeatedly, if you get my drift. I will send the shop contact info to you after I've given him a heads up. I'm also hoping to get a pix of the stack of chests, but because of his other inventory, he may not feel comfortable with that. There are friggin cameras everywhere.

Also, as you can imagine, this is not a one-time deal. He gets these every month.



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