I make tons of 3 string CBGs, a few 4’s and some Ukes as well...

a friend brought me her antique license plate that she wants made into a 6 string acoustic.   I have made a couple 6 string bolt on electric necks, and the time invested is big.  I don’t mind, but I have other projects t9 work on.

the question for CBN is: NECK - Buy or build?  Has anybody had good success with a bolt on style neck, or should I just bite the bullet and make a full size neck?

I get some of the necks coming from China are of questionable quality ($28, Really?).   StewMac’s Martin replacement neck is $170ish without a fretboard.  - that is still within the budget....

If you have made a 6 string, would you go with a traditional bridge?  With the license plate, I was thinking a floating bridge would preserve the look better...

always expanding!  Thanks for the input.

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I'd say buy one scine your budget allows you to. It would save a lot of time (and possibly frustration). I would also go with the floating bridge, though depending on where the raised lettering is on the plate, you may have to do some modification to the feet.

The neck is of a 6 string is probably 70% of the work done on a guitar. Stewmac necks are top notch. The cheap ebay necks can be great buys, but sometimes you get one that ramps and the trussrods are really shoddy.

A neck for a electric can be used on a acoustic. Bolting it on may be a challenge, but they can be glued on just as good.

I would look for a used parts neck on ebay from a established brand or a cheap acoustic for sale. If you use a electric neck, Stewmac sells those too for around 100 bucks that are made by Mighty Mite. Guitarfetish.com has some low cost necks, but their wood products can be a crap shoot.

I've made several necks out of Red Oak 1"x 3"(actually 3/4"x 2 1/2") boards from Lowe's, added a 1"x 4" (3/4"x 3 1/2") piece for a scarf joint end, cut a channel for a trussrod(store bought or homemade) and glued on a 1/4" thick fretboard of the Red Oak. Poplar also makes good necks. Wouldn't use Pine on a 6 string.

If I make a neck, it will be Mahogany or Maple.   Putting in the work doesn’t scare me.   I guess the soul searching I need to figure out is: do I see myself making more 6 string guitars?  If so, I might as well start building the jigs to make a proper neck!

i have fretting tools, table saw, router table, etc.   it is just a matter of making a couple jigs to cut tapered fretboards and cutting necks.

for e-Necks, the kmise is pretty good at $30, too...  at least the one I got is nice and straight.   It needs a little cleanup, but is amazing for the price...

i keep seeing these necks from fleabay at $30, just add slot and truss rod... not sure I can bring myself to pull the trigger on that, though...

I'd buy a pawn shop $50 strat and salvage the neck, already fretted, truss rod, and curved, you want quality, but your not making a $2000 Gibson either.

Also on ebay, a lot of people will sell dissembled guitars, they buy them cheap, and sell of the parts for more than the whole, plenty of necks usually to be had, sand the headstock logo off and/or reshape it some if you want. I did this with a Harmony neck I had.

also, was a strat body

Wow. that's a pretty one.


6 string necks are time consuming so if you have the time I'd encourage building the neck. You always learn something useful in the process. I make my own and lately make them slightly shorter scale to reduce string tension and to keep the neck in better proportion with the smaller size of the boxes.

I use steel reinforcement inside a routed channel when using a one-piece neck (+fingerboard) and / or standard scale. Last 3 6's have been 23 1/2" scale, no reinforcement and made with 2 pieces opposing 1/4 sawn oak with fingerboard added which adds bending strength.

Hi, Hmmmmm, I find it hard to see how one can get a decent sounding acoustic guitar using a tin top, even harder if the plate is screwed to a wood top. Be interesting to see how it turns out. I would be advising the customer of the type of type of acoustic sound she might expect. 

I aways use bolt on necks on my acoustic CBG's and they are always a recycled necks.

cheers Taff

+1 on what Taff said, I missed the part about it being an acoustic build


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