Well, I went and did it... Technology is my thing, and  CBG's have been a good diversion from my professional life, but it has to bleed in somehow... I've been using 3d printed tone/volume knobs for some time, but I went and upped my game this year:


Damn, if the price hasn't dropped!

(Apparently, they're proud of their wheels.)  The kit comes with everything except a water reservoir:  YES, the laser is water cooled, and you'll need a 3-5 gallon bucket for a heatsink... 

Anyway:  First the disclaimer:  This is not for the technologically impaired.  This machine is far from consumer ready!  It requires some computer knowledge, and a LOT of adjusting to make work... The software is frustrating as heck... oh, and I would dedicate a computer to this...

If you're looking for something that "just works"  look at the glowforge for $3K, an Epilog for $5k or a Full Spectrum Laser for $5k-10k...

I've been doing some tests, etching boxes with my labels:

And accidentally lighting things on fire...

What I HAVE done, is figured out that SOME plywood just doesn't want to cut (Padron boxes), while the blank boxes at Joann's cut uber-easy:

I have made a couple guitars with laser cut sound holes:

Works great for making preamp pedals and amps, too!

I'm still figuring it out, but having a lot of fun...

When selling at craft shows, how to you make your signs?  I found a stencil font, created a layout, and laser cut it out of multiple pieces of cardboard...  it worked really really well!

Oh:  Be careful with these things:  There's no lockout on the lid and a reflection of a 40W laser can only cause one thing:  Blindness...  so be very careful... I just bought a microswitch so I can wire it in-line with the laser arming system.

Just to give credit where credit is due:  Another member here posted on a similar subject some time ago, and on his recommendation I bought this... Now if I could only find the original post to give him credit...  grr...

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Cool stuff, and I'd love one, but I really don't think I could cope with setting up the computer and software, seeing as you can't fix that sort of thing with hammer (that's my level of hi-tech adjustment resolution ). Mind you..how much would you charge to get me help me set one of these up?!

Lol, pay my airfare, met me stay with you for a week... I would be happy to sleep and work in your workshop... ha!

Truthfully, the software is garbage:2012 version of Corel draw/laser... designed for windows XP. If you can get past that, it isn’t that hard.

I would be happy to skype with you and go through the issues and setup... maybe a Saturday afternoon/evening your time... I am GMT-9... given your mechanical skills, it isn’t that hard... laser alignment takes a bit of work, but approached logically, it takes a couple of hours. The rest of it is more about doing a lot of testing to see what works for you and your materials. Keeping a log will improve success...

Thanks for the offer..at the monent  I've got a lot of other things I need to get in with at the moment.

No worries. I’m not going anywhere if you decide to take the plunge...
I should have said I would trade you for one of your guitars... give me something to compare my work to!

Truthfully, I am happy to help... this is a labor of love . . .

i have wanted one of these for many years. the price still hasnt come down enough for me.. this one "doesnt ship to Australia" bugger

do you find the 300 mm x 200 mm ( 12"x 8") cutting area to be limiting? my first real job was as a CNC programmer on a 650W choerent everlase CO2 laser back in 1981..lol  at least you dont have to feed it punched tape to program it..:-)

It fits cigar boxes quite well, up to about 4” deep... the device originally came with a mounting plate that is completely useless. I removed it, and now use a high tech support system of scrap wood shims to bring it to the focal point. If it were wider, like 19”, I could theoretically laser cut inlay.. for the price, I am quite happy. I still have a lot to learn, as it takes a few passes to get the image centered...

Hi, I had the big idea of getting a laser set up, but soon changed my mind, or rather my pocket did. I made the mistake of starting at the wrong end of the features and quality scale. The answer to my request for more information from the supplier, who was 2000km away, surprised me at first. I had a choice $18000.00 or $30,000.
That's not too bad when it includes the airfares of a technician to set it up and train me. I passed on that idea. I like hand tools anyway. But watching the promo video had me sold.
Cheers Taff

Heck, for $6,000 and a room I'll come deliver one of these!  :-)


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